Sarah V. Schweig


When I tried to kiss the man in the banana suit

office supplies came out of his mouth.

I said: You’ve been working too hard.

All across the nation, women were saying this

to their respective banana-suited men.

He said: You’ve been trying too hard.

Outside, the black sky started snowing its white

concepts. I said: Look how things can happen.

Then he said nothing a long time.

Sarah V. Schweig is the author of the chapbook S. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Atlas Review, Black Warrior Review, BOMB Magazine, Boston Review, HTML Giant, Maggy, Painted Bride Quarterly, The Philadelphia Review of Books, Tuba, Verse Daily, and The Volta, among others. A graduate of the University of Virginia and Columbia University, she works as a writer at a criminal justice think-tank in Manhattan, studies Philosophy at The New School for Social Research, and lives in Brooklyn. Her web presence is here:

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