William Merricle

Postcard from Purgatory

Ayn Rand and the Buddha agree
there is no such thing as others.
Carnivores ask who’s in control.
Wistfulness is a high point
in the evolution of bone.
Loss of clarity
is sexually transmitted.
You learn something new every day
by kicking the glass out of the window.
The coffee’s abysmal.
The moonlight mottles with mortality
purely for laughs.
God will excuse yesterday
if we’ll excuse tomorrow.
I am felled by falling expectations.

William Merricle lives in Lima, Ohio. He once was the assistant manager of a porn theater and would open the little window panel in his office and throw paper airplanes with quotes from Heidegger at the patrons below. His latest chapbook, Heimlich the Donut, is available from Pudding House Publications.

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