Joseph Young

Stories Around People

An Event
Facebook lived in midtown, for there the people and windows shone like water. Though it would board the bus--1 day--and ride to the sea, where people said words like sea and where the city shone in the waves and the fish were sidewalks and windows.


In the night, the house where Octopus lived burned to the ground, all the letters and poems a curled ash. The other books patted its shoulder and gave it roses and tea. It stood admiring the sky and thankful.

A Labor

You do not understand, vacuum said, it's never been like that between us. In its jar, it knew this, seized it.

More From Stories Around People

It was that day Kansas lost a tooth chewing corn. It smiled at the sun, gold and gold and gold.

Mercy Seat didn't know who its friends were, whether to eat red pills and fill its eyes with velvet night, or sit home and pray. It had a child it didn't know; blessed that fruit with silver hands.

Bullion came in the shape of an egg. It waited for the water, that spectral cousin of steam.

It was the one that came at the end, when the crowd went home. It filled the place of black-note dot.

Joseph lives in Baltimore. His book, Easter Rabbit, came out in December 2009. His next project is a collaboration with painter Christine Sajecki, called Covers, to be shown in April 2010 at a Baltimore gallery. Visit

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