Adam Trowbridge

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“The Goat Said...” was created by entering public domain books into an artificial intelligence “conversation simulator.” The results were postproduced, resulting in the text above. All text and images used in the production of “The Goat Said...” were in the US public domain and found using Project Gutenberg.

Adam Trowbridge is an artist focused on research that fractures the intersection of sensation and cognition, or any collective basis for meaning, purpose and communication. His work explores the aesthetic possibilities that arise as communication breaks down. Using new media and popular culture in a practice at the intersection of linguistics and sensational aesthetics, he invents incidents that occur slightly above the noise level, between words that organize our communities and the chaos that lies beyond them. Materially, his recent work has been in the form of theater, performance, responsive art and video.

He holds a MFA in Electronic Visualization from the University of Illinois Chicago and a BFA in painting and sculpture from the University of Central Florida, where he studied under sculptor Johann Eyfells. His work has been featured nationally and internationally including The Grey Market and Anthology Film Archives, NYC; Pleasure Dome, Toronto; Workspaces Ltd., San Francisco, CA; The Hyde Park Center, Chicago, IL; as well as at festivals in France, The
Netherlands, Switzerland, Korea, and Russia.

He is also working with Philadelphia’s Basekamp to expand the education outreach of Plausible Artworlds, a collaborative initiative that aims to provide a platform for examining and accompanying the emergence of plural artistic environments.

Trowbridge is an Adjunct Professor with the Photo and Media Art program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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