S. Wayne Roberts

Dear God…

“Dear God, it’s me again. I know we don’t speak as often as we should, but I need you
now. My life is in shambles; it’s as if I’m stuck at a fork with two dead ends,” I said, tearfully
trembling, “I don’t know if you’re even hearing this right now, but please, if you could just—“
I stood frozen; an angelic voice spoke, “Please deposit twenty-five cents.”
“I hate these things…” I said.
I hung up.
S. Wayne Roberts' work can be found in the likes of Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore, The Rosary Project W/ Rafael Alvarez, and the short story collection: Sins & Tragedies, as well as numerous others. He resides in the Baltimore area of his beloved Maryland, with his supportive family, where he’s currently penning his debut novel and simply enjoying taking life by the Bay one day at a time. You can find out more about him on his website www.swrfiction.com.


  1. Cheers, thanks. I think that many of the pieces right here at Everyday Genius stand to prove that it's not the size that counts, but how you use it!