Sean Ulman

Vouchsafing Visit

Bigwig Pig leaves plastic palace once a fortnight
to keep appearances, toss Hungry last
batch of syrup-soaked scrap
metal, gloat his bloated load
servant litter shoulder ceramic cart
lug unfamiliar familial luggage
offspring gnawing bacon blankets lucent, pig-tailed harem grinding pickled pork shoulders
Bigwig doffs uranium-lined top hat, lifts mercury-crusted scepter
intercepted in coup of less porky predecessor – 5 sporkfuls
hawks gristle phlegm gob, attempts speech
swallows tongue
squeaks by un-throttled
inane speech squelched to gagged belches

Sean Ulman, worder birder baller server, is writing a novel about Seward Alaska and Art. He recently saw a pileated woodpecker, dunked a tennis ball and butlered spring rolls at a bar mitzvah.

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